Thursday, 29 September 2016


Crafters and food vendors are being sought to take part in a charity Christmas market next month (November).

The Magical Christmas Market over the weekend of November 26 is being organised by Woodside Animal Centre, the Leicestershire branch of the RSPCA.

Stalls for crafters and food vendors are available for either the Saturday or Sunday or for both days with the cost of the pitch going to the charity.

The event will give visitors the chance to browse an exciting range of market and stalls, including wine and bakery stands, as well as enjoying some entertaining, traditional festive activities for all ages. Attractions will include a giant Santa’s Grotto as well as raffles and festive music. 

With preparation for the event well underway, organisers are keen to hear now from experienced crafters and food vendors who want to take part.

Food vendors must have public liability insurance, dispose of any rubbish at the end of the event and provide all the equipment they need, including generators, to run their stall.

Stall hire for both days costs £60 for a 2m x2m gazebo pitch. For Saturday only, £35, and £30 for Sunday only. Booking forms and more information about the event are available online at here: 

Anyone interested in participating please download the appropriate booking form above.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Help your dog beat the January blues

Yesterday was Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.  Typically the third Monday of January, the concept was first publicised as part of a 2005 press release from holiday company Sky Travel which claimed to have calculated the date using an equation. Christmas is over, it’s cold and dark, and people start to feel a slump in motivation. But people are not those only ones affected by depression. Although dogs are generally renowned for being very happy, upbeat animals, and are often credited with lifting the spirits of the people around them, most dogs will go through a ‘down’ phase now and then too. If you have noticed a change in your dog’s behaviour and they don't seem to be interested in anything, it is possible that your dog may be depressed. 

Because a dog cannot communicate like a person, it is often difficult to properly diagnose them. It is also worth bearing in mind that a dog’s depression is often a reflection of its owner- if you have been feeling down lately, your dog will empathise with you strongly. While your vet can guide you and support your in helping your dog, you know them better than anyone and it is important that you look out for the warning signs: 

Lack of interest in food, which can range from a mild disinterest right up to a refusal to eat
Slightly slow reactions
Not as keen to go for walks
Disinterested in play
Sleepy and listless
Clinging to their favourite person or toys more than normal
Not keen to leave the home

It is important to note that any of these symptoms may also relate to a physical illness. Depression itself can be a symptom of something bigger. Key triggers to look out for include:

Loss of a family member (human or animal). Your dog may be grieving.
Moving home
Introduction of a new pet or person into the home
Other changes to their general routine
Empathy for an owner who is depressed or unhappy themselves

To make your dog feel better, be sure to spend a lot of time with them, make them feel loved. It is very important to stick with their routine and not to do things like overfeed them or forget to take them for walks. Regularity provides stability, for both humans and dogs, and if you are there for each other you will help each other to beat the winter blues. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

Miss Marple is loving life!

Looks like someone's been playing a bit too hard! We received this funny picture of Miss Marple from her family, playing with a rather deflated looking football. 
While she was with us at Woodside, she loved playing with footballs and one or two fell prey to her excitement. We are glad to see that she is having just as much fun in her new home!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New year, new homes!

2016 has gotten off to a fantastic start with a series of adoptions. We have seen many of our residents off safely to their new homes, both over the Christmas period and early in January. 

Most of these adoptions have been dogs, both young and old. We have said goodbye to Coco, Bella, Rigon, Lola, Babe, Roxy, Cheddar and more. Although we are sad to see them go, we are thrilled that they have found brilliant homes of their own and families to love and care for them. Plus, they have all been spoiled with lots of new toys and treats!

There are still so many animals at Woodside who need a family to call their own. Can you help? Call 01162336677 to talk to find out more, or come down to the centre and meet our charming residents for yourself. You might just find your new best friend. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Pet of the Week

Say hello to our pet of the week, Honey! Honey is bulldog cross full of charisma and warmth. Although she is 6 years old she has bountiful energy and always loves to play. She has been with us here at Woodside for a while now and holds a special place in our hearts, we would love to see her go home to a special, loving family. Can you help Honey find her forever home?
Call 01162336677 to find out more about her, or come to the centre yourself to meet her face to face! She is excited to see you. 

Monday, 4 January 2016

Gone Home for Christmas

We are very pleased to report that two of our wonderful dogs, Babe and Roxy, found new families over the Christmas period. Both of them went to their new homes in time to share the festive fun and are settling in fantastically. What a way to start 2016!
Do you think you can give one of our animals a forever home this year? Call 01162336677 to find out more about them, or come down to the centre to meet them face to face. 

Monday, 21 December 2015

Bear at Home for Christmas

We have just received these heart-warming photos of Bear in his new home being fussed over by his family! Bear was a gentle and fun-loving dog who loved going on long walks and playing with his toys. He was adopted recently and went home with his family, just in time to share in the festive fun. We know that Bear will have a wonderful life here, just look at that happy face.

If you can help a doggie like Bear find their forever home, you can contact us on 01162 336677 or drop down to the centre and meet everyone for yourself! Your best friend for life could be just a phone call away. 
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